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Do you have a dedicated surety team working for you?

Our team of experts understands that contractors and construction businesses require special attention and services specific to their industry.  Because of this, we work to build lasting relationships in order to better understand, support, and represent the unique needs of our individual partners and provide guidance and consultation to help you pick the best product for your business. We also understand the importance of a quality bond program, and strive to ensure you can trust in us, knowing we’re keeping your interests and needs at the forefront of what we do.


We’re there through the process to answer questions, address concerns, and alleviate apprehension all while finding the program that fits for you. We have a history of being honest, straightforward, and up front about what we do, because we know it matters when it comes to the confidential and detailed nature of your industry.

With our wide array of available services and coverage, we offer any product or service your business could require.  We partner with high quality and trusted insurers to offer a wide variety of surety options, including:

  • Construction
  • License & Permit
  • Fidelity
  • Financial Institution
  • Judicial
  • Public Official
  • Notary

At Dawson Insurance, we go above and beyond to comprehend every aspect of surety. We have a team that focuses exclusively on surety, able to address all of the ins and outs of the service. Our team members’ involvement in construction industry advocacy groups and associations is just one of the ways we’ve demonstrated our commitment to understanding the exclusive and particular industry and industry needs.

When it comes to surety, we focus on the details, tasks, and what you need from a surety program so that you can focus on growing your business and outpacing the competition.

Contact us today to learn how Dawson Insurance can provide your unique advantage for your surety needs.