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Dawson Insurance
5675 26th Ave South, Suite 152
Fargo, ND
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Dawson Insurance
PO Box 1958
Fargo, ND 58107-1958
Email: info@dawsonins.com
Phone: 701.237.3311
Toll-Free: 800.220.4514
Fax: 701.232.4442

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Important Notice Regarding Email Communication

Although we welcome your communication with our agency via e-mail, we want you to be aware of our position concerning this type of communication. Our agency cannot insure the confidentiality of any information transmitted via e-mail. The information contained herein is for illustration and informational purposes only. Premium quotes, specific coverage options, and financial product availability are based on the accuracy of the information provided to us and subject to completion of the full rating process. Please consult a Dawson Insurance representative to ensure accuracy pertinent to each individual situation.